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My book started off as an accompaniment to a spreadsheet/app which allows users to enter their calorie needs once, the system then adjusts all of the (nutritionally balanced) recipes to match the user’s specified calorie requirements.

The book was originally going to be little more than a short booklet of ‘tips’ explaining what has gone into the spreadsheet/app and how best to use it. The core content  was actually written in less than a week and it quickly became apparent that I had a great deal more to offer than just a booklet containing a few tips.

What I have written is quite remarkable…

Although I have now retired from the profession, I was a professional chef for over 15 years. During that time I had a number of prestige appointments at exclusive hotels across the country, I have been featured in local press as well as having two restaurants of my own.

So on the cooking and recipe side of things, I certainly know my stuff! But what do I know about the rest of it? I am not a doctor, I am not a scientist or a nutritionalist so why am I the right person to write such a book? All of the above are fair and justified questions.

Once a subject grabs by attention, the perfectionist in me wants to know about that subject with precision, I have been that way all of my life. When I began my own search for answers, for better health, more energy and a stronger body it was no different.

I am just an ordinary guy, I didn’t do well physically at school, and I didn’t play sports and was often the last to be picked at sports, but if I can do it, so can anybody else!

As I began training back in 2004 I started looking for the truth, not just the latest marketing hype, the real truth. With a supplements industry worth over £50 Billion a year, finding pure and untainted information proved difficult, but not impossible! The answers soon became apparent, not just through tenacious research but by applying what I was learning along the way.

I had never worked out before, I was incredibly weak and unfit in 2004 (and a smoker) when I started my journey. By 2009 I took part in probably one of the most gruelling endurance events in the country!

The ‘Artemis great Kindrochet Quadrathalon’ consists of:

  • A 1 mile open water swim across a Scottish Loch
  • A 15 mile run through the mountains above the Loch with a checkpoint on the top of each of the 7 peaks
  • A 7 mile paddle down the Loch in a 2 man kayak
  • And finally a 34 mile cycle ride

When you compare that event to an Olympic distance triathlon; 0.93 mile swim + 24.85 mile bike ride + 6.21 mile swim. The sheer scale of progress from where I was to what I had achieved by 2009 was nothing short of phenomenal.

I do not tell this story to impress you, but rather to impress upon you the sheer scale of the progress I made by reading, researching and applying what I was learning along the way.

I am just an ordinary guy, I didn’t do well physically at school, and I didn’t play sports and was often the last to be picked at sports, but if I can do it, so can anybody else!

Today there are many thousands of health and nutrition books on the market, many of are truly excellent books. Where they all seem to fall short however, is the dry way in which the material is presented.

Any health and nutrition book worth the RRP will need to deliver a great deal of information to the reader. The way in which that information is delivered is of critical importance if one is to keep the reader engaged in the content, without the reader suffering information overload.

This is where my book comes to life, my goal was to distil all of the knowledge that I have accumulated during my own journey and present it to the reader in a way that is fun and enjoyable to read.

There is a huge amount of information delivered, but the way in which the book is written ensures that each chapter delivers enough information on the topic to help the reader understand the topic’s importance whilst keeping the reading light.

There is a sprinkling of humour and several anecdotes from my own life shared in the book. All of which help keep the reading light and enjoyable as well as to underline the importance of the information being conveyed from a very personal level.

As readers progress through the book and their knowledge expands, they begin to ‘join up the dots’ of their existing knowledge, with the addition of some new “ah-ha” moments along the way, leading to a kind of nutritional enlightenment as the book concludes.

All of the information contained in the book is the result of my own reading, research, and trial and error from the last 9 years. The goal of this book was not focus on one particular area and go into finite detail.

My goal was empower readers by explaining each piece of the puzzle and explaining how they all fit together. Giving just enough information for the reader to grasp the basics and understand the importance of the topic being covered without overloading the reader unnecessarily.

Once somebody learns the importance of each of the pieces and how they fit together to create synergistic results. They can simultaneously increasing strength, fitness and energy levels, this is all possible simply by applying what they have learnt in the book.

This book was written to empower ordinary people to believe that they can create real results too! With all of the knowledge that I have learned being presented to the reader, in a way that is easy to absorb and more importantly, readers will to be able utilise that new knowledge in their own lives!

The Opulent Health spreadsheet/app takes care of all of the maths for you! Just enter your calorie requirements and all of the recipes and shopping list are adjusted automatically!

There will be multiple menus and versions available in the future, all the menus come with complete detailed instructions and tips to help you become a better cook. The image below shows what the menu that is available for download now!

Opulent Health system
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